Providing Environment Friendly  Solutions

Conservation of water and energy is the challenge faced by every industry. The challenge faced by the industry is not only to provide quality products , but also to optimize resources and to ensure a pollution free environment. At Soudamini Organics, we provide solutions for water treatment with eco friendly products that reduces water consumption . Our water treatment liquid is anti- scalent,  descalent, anti rusting and anti fungus and it improves the efficiency of heat transfer systems at a low cost, reduces blowdown thereby reducing water consumption and is environment friendly.  It also reduces maintenance costs.

Super  clean eco is for household applications. It removes algae, scales, prevents scale formation and rusting. Periodic use of superclean reduces the cleaning  frequency of underground sump, overhead tank.  Its descaling properties ensures clean pipes without blockages. It is non toxic and hence the water can be used, unlike other cleaning chemicals wherein the water has to be discarded .

Products Range

Superclean Eco
Aditya Eco – Clean
Lemon Grass Tea